DONERRY Elegance – makeup for all skin tones

DONERRY Elegance

One Goal, one Passion – Elegance  DONERRY Elegance

What we stand for

DONERRY Elegance is a makeup brand for all women and all skin tones. It is built on value and quality. Therefore, we source and test all our products before we sell them.

A great range of beauty, skincare and makeup products that are tailored for all skin tones is offered to you by Donerry Elegance. Our products suit darker skin tones such as Asian, Black and Mixed race women of all ages.

We are open to all and stand for diversity, tolerance and the empowerment of women no matter their race, colour, religion or background.

Our Range

We have a range of eyeshadow, lipstick, pencils, brushes, highlights and other specialist palettes in our own range plus a full range of skincare and foundation from Mary Kay.

Our Aim

We aim to encourage our customers and help break down barriers. Giving you the confidence to hold your head high and in any situation. The confidence to go far beyond mere beauty and reach elegance, DONERRY Elegance

Don & Cherry Marshall – The founders 

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