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At Donerry Elegance our aim is to help all our customers go beyond beauty and not just aim for but actual reach Elegance. To help you to get the look that you desire.

To do this we know that some of you lack either the skills, confidence or even both. We want to encourage and empower all you ladies our their to improve your confidence and skills to make yourselves as Elegant as you can be and beyond that which you may have thought possible.

How can we do this?

We, just us, on our own, well we can’t – as we really need your input. We can and do already provide amazing and affordable makeup products that you can use. In addition in this part of the website you will find a number of ‘How To’ guides and links to tutorial videos on our YouTube site where our very own CEO Cherry Marshall will guide you through some step by step ways to create certain looks and apply or use certain products.

However you do need to try them out and have a go. do it on your own in the privacy of your home or maybe together with friends but please have a go and step out of your comfort zone – the great thing about makeup is if you make a mistake or don’t like the look all you need to do is wipe it off and start again….

Video Tutorial Links:

Here you will fin all our Video Tutorials in one place – Donerry Elegance YouTube Videos

Here are the links to some of the individual tutorials:

Simple and Natural Makeup Tutorial

Eye Colour and Blusher Tutorial

Some more complex techniques

Eyebrow Tutorial

Daily Facial Care – Mary Kay Products

How-To Guides:

Coming soon…. watch this space….

Do you have any Questions?

Then ask us or our community any open questions here or contact us directly using our Contact Us form here