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Don and Cherry Marshall the Owners of Donerry Elegance
Don and Cherry Marshall the Owners of Donerry Elegance

What is and Who are DONERRY Elegance

DONERRY Elegance is a unique beauty brand. It is aimed directly to satisfy the needs of all make up users across the world. Our products are suitable for any skin types, skin tones or skin colour.

We pride ourselves on providing only the best products at the best value. Before we start to sell anything to you- all our new products are personally tested for quality and everyday use thoroughly by our very own CEO and the face of DONERRY Elegance – Cherry Marshall. At DONERRY Elegance, we source direct ourselves and sell direct to you. That way we can cut out the middleman and the added cost. So you get the best value possible at the highest quality.

Donerry Elegance is based in the UK in Scotland near to Perth although our Registered Office is Located in Holborn, London.  Location doesn’t matter though as we ship to most countries worldwide.  However please note that lead times and cost will vary depending on location and size of the order.

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Don and Cherry Marshall Founders of Donerry Elegance
Don and Cherry Marshall Founders of Donerry Elegance

The Founders:

DONERRY Elegance was established in 2016 by Cherry and Don Marshall. Don & Cherry,  met, fell in love at first sight. They try to show to the world that two people from different backgrounds, races, colours, continents and cultures can come together and be one. That love makes all things possible.

Don and Cherry created their own brand and social media following and called themselves ‘Donerry’. This is a merge of their names – Don &

Cherry. Donerry are YouTubers, fashion designers, photographers, social media luvvies and internet gurus. They are also Husband and Wife plus Mum and Dad). Don & Cherry tell their story on Facebook, Instagram and their own YouTube channel Donerry B&W.

You can find out more about them, watch videos and find links to their various Social Media profiles by visiting their personal website www.donerry.com by clicking here

Cherry Marshall CEO of Donerry Elegance
Cherry Marshall CEO of Donerry Elegance

Cherry (the CEO or Boss lady)

Cherry is a mixed race African – half Ghanaian and half Sierra Leonean. She is very proud of her heritage and culture. Cherry has been in the UK for a number of years and has been learning some Scots along the way. Originally qualified as a nurse, Cherry now has a BSc in Public Health (with Hons.) which supports our Charity work well.

Since 2012, Cherry has been a Mary Kay beauty consultant and is a qualified professional make-up artist. Cherry personally tests all our products when in development. Long before we make them available for sale she ensures that they are of a quality high enough for herself.

Not only our CEO but Cherry is the ‘Face of DONERRY Elegance‘ and is responsible not only for looking good and testing out our new products but she is also responsible for sales and all beauty consultations.



Don Marshall MD of Donerry Elegance
Don Marshall MD of Donerry Elegance

Don (the MD)

Don is originally from Scotland and is a very proud kilt wearing Scot. He has traveled mainly in Europe and speaks a few useful languages. Since meeting Cherry he has learnt to talk Krio and is improving all the time.  Don has been known to wear African fashion as part of his embracing of Cherry’s African culture and he will try and eat anything African.

A true businessman, Don is an MBA graduate and has many years of Retail and eCommerce management experience with some top flight companies such as IKEA, Metro Group, B&Q, Dunelm Mill and Wolesley to name a few and is currently Head of eCommerce & Marketing for a company in Scotland.

Don does all the technical, financial, organizational and purchasing behind the scenes. Quite frankly all the boring stuff but someone has to do it.

Our Mission Statement:

The aim of Donerry Elegance is: to provide a range high quality essential beauty products at great prices affordable to the majority of women across the world no matter race, colour, creed or personal circumstance.

Our Values:

DONERRY Elegance believe strongly in:

  • Racial equality
  • Promoting and encouraging racial diversity
  • Equality between men and women
  • Stopping the practice of FGM
  • Improving the quality of life for children in Sierra Leon through our community work with Donerry Aid (charity status pending)
  • Traditional Christian and Family Values

Our Products:

At DONERRY Elegance, we source and buy all our products ourselves and as such cut out middle men. In addition we don’t have expensive shops or a large infrastructure. Basically, we don’t do things that add to the cost of our products, we only do what is necessary. Our guarantee to you is that we thoroughly test all products personally before we put them on our website. That way we ensure that they are of the best quality possible.

Our Pricing Policy:

We set our prices to make our products good value for money. They are quality products but our aim to to keep them affordable. We set a single price and don’t increase it when we sell into other countries. Shipping is reflective of the actual cost of the transportation. Only if you pay in a local currency and exchange rates fluctuate will there be any change in price.

There is no such thing as a free delivery. So when you get a free delivery the cost of the shipping is actually included in the price of the goods . We don’t do that. Our prices have nothing added. However we do charge a fee for packaging and delivery/shipping that represents the actual cost involved.

So basically to make our prices at the best value, we keep our business lean and pass on the benefits to you.


We can ship anywhere in the world with only a few exceptions. We are based in the UK but have access to many carriers who can take our products to you. In some countries we have a local representative who will hold stock locally. they will have somewhere you can collect the goods.

Our delivery charges reflect the average costs of a parcel to the destination country. We try to keep these as low as possible and constantly review them.

You can find more detailed T&C’s and Policies Here